Introducing Brian Huntress to Folk Punk Fans (On Tour Now)


There’s a genre that is loved by so many, yet it’s still very underground. It’s called folk punk. It’s also called anti-folk by many. The genre has gained a cult following through acts like Paul Baribeau, Mischief Brew, Dead Blonde Girlfriend, Cranford Nix and AJJ. Now there’s a new folk punk star on the rise. Their name is Brian Huntress and they are currently on a national tour of the United States with Justin Arena. Brian rocks the stage with an acoustic guitar, and a vocal that cuts through the speakers. Their new song “Icarus” contains emotional lyrics and catchy hook melodies. The song is definitely one that crowds will be singing along to at the shows. Brian Huntress strums quickly on the acoustic guitar and sing-shouts over the guitar to get his voice heard. They have just released their second record on Spotify called “Terror.” The tour started on April 7th in Massachusetts, home state of Brian Huntress, and will end on April 30th in Massachusetts after crossing the country twice.

Enjoy the record “Terror” on Spotify now:

Not only is Brian a great folk punk act, but they are also an incredible artist as well.


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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