Cyrene Creates Chilling Folky Version of a Popular MGMT Song

Cyrene is a mysterious folk artist who released a four track EP containing acoustic covers of classic hits by other artists. The artist re-imagines the MGMT song “Time To Pretend” with a very folky spin in both the vocal delivery and acoustic guitar riff. The track even features gorgeous vocal harmonies that add to the emotion of the lyrics that get very deep. The string section adds a deeper layer to the song while the percussive hand claps add a fun pop layer to the song. Depending on which way the listener listens, the song could feel very sad or it could even have a more merry feel to it. It’s quite different than the MGMT version which feels more fun spirited with synths and a grooving drum beat that makes listeners want to dance. Cyrene’s version of the song really makes the lyrics stand out in a more effective way, truly uncovering their darkness. Cyrene was able to make the song her own in this cover and that to us, is truly admirable.

The song can be heard on SoundCloud:

The EP was released on March 29th, 2019. It can be heard on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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