These Two Brothers are Making Retro Indie Pop Music


“Emily” is Maybelleen’s fun new indie-pop song and music video. The song definitely feels retro and may even remind listeners of Elvis Costello, Squeeze or T. Rex. It feels like a quirky classic rock anthem with tasteful electronic effects. “Emily” is definitely a mood booster, so turn it up! The music video is psychedelic in terms of shooting style, the colors and the effects. It definitely becomes trippy if you watch it too closely. Based on the clothing style that the artists are wearing, viewers will believe that the video takes place in the 1980’s. Maybelleen is made up of two Canadian brothers, Peter and Charles Camiré who have been songwriting most of their lives. They  formed their duo in 2012 and began playing local shows right away. Now, they have successfully gone on huge cross-country tours to play their fun poppy music to all who will listen. Watch the music video now:


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Written by Ryan Cassata