4 More Short Poems by Hunter T.

Fuck you and your Nike socks
Your Gucci shirt and fancy watch
We used to be friends
Until you found fame
Now it’s all arrogance
And mistakes to make
Fuck your dyed hair and blonde tips
Think you made it cuz you’re a little rich
Really you’re just acting like a little bitch.


Isolated, locked up by myself
Shut the door and hide my keys
So I can’t get out
Irritated, life’s a fucking mess
In stuck in this hole I dug myself


My head is pounding
There’s ringing in my ears
My body is numb
And I’m close to tears
How long will this last
How long will I be constantly reminded of my past
This weight is holding me down
This subtle rain is causing me to drown


I don’t have a name
You can’t tell what I am
People try to figure me out
They look at me like I’m some kind of freak
Just give me some space
Is your judgement I’m trying to escape
Sup with your second guessing
I won’t comply with your idea of expression


Hunter T. is an openly transgender army veteran currently living in Los Angeles.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunterisok/


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