bülow’s “Get Stüpid” is More of a Party Song than her Previous Releases


“Get Stüpid” is the latest song from German sensation artist bülow. This young and talented artist is coming out with banger after banger and is known for strong hooks. So it is no surprise that she is out with another crowd-pleaser. The song feels quite experimental from the start, with a slightly funky club beat. The song is a bit more danceable than some of bülow’s more popular songs like “You & Jennifer” and “Sweet Little Lies.” “Get Stüpid” feels more like a party song which makes sense because the topic of the song is about partying and doing drugs in a club. Her vocal definitely shines and feels like her classic self though. The song is catchy from start to finish and can quickly become a club favorite. Every melody counts on this track. The song comes off of a 7-track EP titled “Crystalline” that also contained “Sweet Little Lies.” Enjoy the record on Spotify and get dancing!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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