Bulgarian Teen Rapper Rides Dirty on “Hot Wheelz”


Bulgaria isn’t exactly known as a hot bed for hip hop, but maybe it could be trending that way. With the recent buzz around 16 year old Robbie Z, whose latest track and music video takes aim at the haters. Some have labeled his an imitation Lil Pump,  but Robbie uses that as fuel. “Hot Wheelz” is his strongest track to date.

When people comment nasty things to me, it inspires me to write more music and I just basically wrote a song about escaping from the hate!
With his mixtape on the horizon, the haters are sure to keep dishing out their jealousy and venom, but the youngster won’t pay them no mind. He’s getting better with each new track and it’s all but certain that more people will be hearing his name real soon.

Check out “Hot Wheelz” below and follow Robbie Z on Facebook to keep up on what he’s got going on.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan


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