Move Over Country Music, Nashville’s Best Export is a Pop Punk Band

Born in my home city of Philly, Nashville pop punkers Best Intentions dropped a new track and music video. While I refuse to approve of the NY Yankees ballcap the singer wears, I certainly can vouch for their brand of punk rock. Blending that punk brashness with a sugary sweetness, fans of bands like New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Panic! at the Disco, and Yellowcard will find something familiar and enjoyable.
Pop punk is oft maligned by the indie rock elite and punks alike, but it has enjoyed a certain popularity for good reason. Hard driving beats, sing song vocals, and infectious melodies work to create some of the most popular alternative rock tunes of the past few decades… pop punk will not be denied. And, neither will Best Intentions, a band who seems to have perfected a strong pop punk recipe at a young age.
The band clearly knows how to craft a great pop punk song and this track is proof. Check out the music video for “At the Ocean” below or listen to the track on Spotify.

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Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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