“One Day at a Time” by Jeremy Voltz is an Unforgettable Acoustic Anthem

Jeremy Voltz song “One Day at a Time” has been heard over 6 million times after it was featured in a video on the viral site “The Dodo.” The song has an uplifting vibe in both the music, and the lyrical content. It contains lyrics that tell people to push on through and keep going. It’s a message that many people really need to hear and this song is the perfect way to deliver that important message. The lyrics are about going through the struggles of life but continuing to carry on, no matter what, one day at a time. Jeremy Voltz seems to be singing to someone that he loves, or perhaps he is really singing to himself, cheering himself on, reminding himself that he is strong enough to keep going. The song is an anthem for anyone that has self doubt or feels like they might be too weak to make it. It’s about getting past those hard parts, getting through them, and moving forward. This song could actually save someones life.


The song contains a sweet finger-picked guitar, that sets a peaceful mood. With Jeremy Voltz soft and confident vocal, the song is definitely a stand out track musically and lyrically. The song is from Jeremy Voltz’s 2018 full length record “Bend the Tracks.” It can be streamed on Spotify:

“I wanted to write a song of hope and strength, but that also acknowledged how difficult our problems are. There’s no quick fix, and healing has to happen little by little. I was watching my friend drown in the enormity of their problems, so that even taking the first tiny step seemed so overwhelming. But every day that you make progress is a good day, and even if the victories seem small, you have to acknowledge them. You can’t let your problems overwhelm you… sometimes you just have to take them one day at a time.” – Jeremy Voltz

More info: jeremyvoltzmusic.com 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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