Winnie Raeder Sings the Pains of Heartbreak in Chilling Debut Single


Winnie Raeder is a singer-songwriter who was born in Denmark and is currently based in London. Her song “Don’t You Dare” is breathtaking from the first note she sings. Her voice is unique and moving, bursting at the seems with raw emotion. She sings with a sense of urgency in this chilling single, with lyrical content that is focused on the pains of utter heartbreak. The production and instrumentation choices are simple and scare but the song stands well enough without drums and without additional instrumentation. Both the songwriting and singing are so powerful and moving that the song is captivating just as it is. “Don’t You Dare” is an excellent first release from Winnie Raeder. It definitely leaves listeners at the edge of their seats, begging to hear what she will release next… Winnie Raeder has definitely won our hearts with her outstanding vocal performance and songwriting abilities. Her talent shines bright and we can feel the heartbreak.

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“It’s about someone leaving you and the denial you feel when it happens – the utter desperation you feel at not wanting to accept that person is leaving or has gone forever. For the production it was a very conscious choice to make it as simple as possible. Thinking of the story and what’s being said, the overall sense is one of numbing. When you feel numbed, it feels like everything stops. Silence. Space. I wanted to create that feeling sonically.” – Winnie Raeder

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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