The Great Fuss release EP, containing lyrically deep song “Route to Misery”

“…Just give me grain, no, give me land. Give me forest to turn to sand. Electric line to charge me up, a little poison to fill my cup. Then I’ll lay back so give me space to hear no other voices…”
– The Great Fuss (lyrics from Route to Misery)


When you hear their band name you might be asking what’s all the fuss about? The Great Fuss is definitely a band worth all the fuss and hype. They’ve got songs that are inspired by 1960’s rock music and they can surely make the crowd dance and swing at their live shows. Their 5 song EP “Root Thyself!” dropped today, April 27th, 2019 and it’s loaded with incredible songwriting, powerhouse vocals, banging instrumentation, and wailing guitar solos. Track #4, “Route to Misery” has a unique chorus melody that hooks the listener in so deeply, you’ll want to hear the rest of the EP immediately, but not until you hear the rest of this fantastic song. “Route to Misery” is quite the banger, a rock n’ roll anthem, with changes that please the soul, and electric guitar riffs to top it all off. Many influences can be heard in the song. We feel moments of the 1980’s, we hear the blues, we hear modern rock, and we hear a hint of pop. Give it a listen, you’ll surely hear some of their influences woven into their unique sound. The Great Fuss is worth all the fuss!

This Canadian based band just needs the right push, and they will definitely rocket to stardom.

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“Route to Misery was an attempt to write about cultivated ignorance and manufactured desires as consciously- employed tools to maintain the status quo. By and large, people continue serving the agenda of the wealthy few to the detriment of the environment and our collective health and well-being. When faced with that truth, most people prefer to blame the pre-selected scapegoats of the day (immigrants, etc).”
Pete Oldridge

For Fan Of: REO Speedwagon, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Rush, The Doors, Squeeze… 

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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