Pride Artist Spotlight: Semler

Rock the Pigeon is continuing our Pride Month celebration. Today we wanted to take the time to introduce you to a fast-rising artist called Semler. Semler is known for writing songs from a perspective of being LGBTQ when growing up Christian. In fact, their first release charted at #1 on the Christian charts on iTunes. Semler is the moniker of Grace Baldridge, who is a former YouTube personality on The Young Turks channel.


Their latest release “Stages Of A Breakdown” consists of 5 songs including our personal favorite “Don’t Tell Anyone.” This song starts off very strongly with a hook melody verse that will echo in your head for weeks to come. While the song has a somber feel to it, it still picks up when the drum beat kicks in. This sound moves Semler away from country/folk and introduces them into the pop music world. The bridge of the song even features electronic vocal effects which comes as a surprise based on their previous releases. The songwriting remains consistently Semler’s style even though the production is very different. This new vibe is very cool and we hope Semler does more of it! 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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