Rock Instrumentalist JONO Releases New Visual to Raise Awareness for Climate Change

Instrumental post rock solo project JONO, helmed by Jonathan Bareford, has released his latest music video for his track “Clear.” Using visuals of the cold and gorgeous arctic landscapes of Alaska and Iceland, JONO’s mission in creating “Clear” was to raise awareness for climate change by encouraging viewers to see and appreciate the beauty of our Earth. Through this, he hopes that audiences will be inspired to look for ways in which they can do their part in helping to preserve our planet and all it has to offer.

“This music video for me was about perseverance. Not compromising no matter what obstacle presented itself in the way of this vision. I wanted to experience these arctic conditions that inspired the song and story in the way this video’s character was supposed to experience them. And through that, I experienced the same reaction the character in my music video experienced; an expanded respect and appreciation for our environment.”

Jonathan bareford (Jono)

Journeying through once in a lifetime experiences, JONO hopes to do his part in bringing a light to these landscapes and hopes that others can find the importance in preserving them.

“There really aren’t many experiences comparable to seeing Icelandic northern lights so strong they blind your rear view mirrors or Alaskan blue walls and caves of glaciers that tower over you. In a way it’s life changing and I wish that for everyone.”

JONO is an instrumental post rock solo project from where music meets visuals through nature. Each song is written to have a theme based on a specific place or landscape in nature that is then brought to life through music videos. Based in Los Angeles, Jonathan Bareford (composer, guitarist/bassist, director) highlights the importance of visuals to instrumental music in an ambitious, cinematic way that has not been done before. Making sure to visit and capture the actual locations that inspire the music, JONO is more of an experience than anything else and one that even supports a cause for wilderness preservation through fundraising. A project to get behind for the sake of instrumental rock and our environment.

As JONO’s journey continues, he hopes that people continue to do their part in helping our earth.

Image Credit: Dario Garcia

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