Eddy Yang’s in A NEW CITY with “Split the Night”


First, you start with a drum machine. Then, you add a simple indie rock guitar riff. Finally, you layer this with some emo punk vocal stylings. The final product, Eddy Yang, the 2019 version of Conor Oberst in his basement with a 4 track and a few instruments. No, this isn’t saying that Yang sounds like Bright Eyes necessarily. Instead, what resembles the young Oberst is the DIY ethic and the need to make music no matter what may be in the way.

With his debut EP, Eddy Yang is a young musician in a new city and has a fresh new sound. A New City is a 5 track indie rock EP with influences ranging from dance rock to indie legends to rock gods and beyond. Fans of Postal Service, Bruce Springsteen, Television, and many other can congregate around a keg with Eddy’s EP as the background music and no one would find much to object to… outside of those few hipsters that always find something to complain about (you know who you are).

The lead track from the EP – as well as one of the EP’s two singles – is entitled “Split the Night” and it’s a great introduction to what young Eddy Yang is all about. Check him out now so you can tell those aforementioned annoying hipsters than you actually heard about him first.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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