Modern Vocals and Retro Synths make Deportees Stand Out


The award-winning indie rock group Deportees, out of Sweden, is out with their latest EP “Re-Dreaming.” The band explains the EP’s title as “Re-dreaming’ is a loving assault on the feeling of a lost future. Not because it’s necessarily a false prophecy, but because it’s a dangerous one.” Their song “A Love Design” is a great mix of pop and indie rock. The track features a very catchy chorus melody with lyrics that bring up the mood. It feels like a song about moving onward, and perhaps moving up. Perhaps, they went through something really difficult but are shocked and glad that they made it through to the other side. The chorus repeats many times, not too many times, but enough times to be singing the lyrics by along with the song by it’s end. The synth tone and riff keeps the track feeling a bit nostalgic while the vocals keep the song feeling more fresh. Overall the song is beautifully composed and was recorded at the perfect pace to devour all the lyrics.

“Re-Dreaming” by Deportees could be heard on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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