Catalyst Ct. is keeping Pop Punk alive in Australia

Catalyst Ct. is keeping pop punk alive in Australia. They have a sound that fuses the vocal sounds of emo and punk with an upbeat pop punk sounding grooves and catchy guitar riffs. Their song “Set Free” is from their 9 song sophomore LP titled “Set You Free.” Just before the two minute mark the song breaks down a bit for a powerful drum section that is perfect for stage diving and big mosh pits. By the sound of their music, we are sure their live shows would be extremely fun! The band would fit into a radio station with the likes of The Promise Ring, Blink 182 Green Day, The Get Up Kids, Simple Plan, Lit, Sum 41, Mayday Parade, and Yellowcard. Their band name, Catalyst Ct. comes from the street that the write songs and rehearse their music at. If you’re a fan of early emo and early pop punk we recommend checking out Catalyst Ct. You can hear their record in it’s entirety on Spotify now:

Set You Free is largely about the awkward situations that happen within a relationship between two people and between someone’s self. It moves through the course of a relationship and talks about the beginnings and fun times of a relationship. What people go through mentally, the act of adultery, the nights where you go out and have fun on your own and not care about anyone else.’ – Nick Smith (Vocals, Guitar of Catalyst Ct.)


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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