PRIDE RADAR: Low Life Lolas & their Debut EP “Wolves”

It’s just a week until Pride month begins and the raining swag is rolling out and pride festival line ups are being solidified. We wanted to take this time to introduce you to a band that should definitely be on your radar this pride!


Low Life Lolas are based in the queer friendly city of Toronto. We asked the band about their involvement in the LGBTQ community and they responded:The band is 50% female-identifying queer (including our songwriter and bandleader Renée Parr), with allies making up the balance. We’re fortunate to live in a city (Toronto) with an amazing LGBTQ community.” This Canadian act has a sound that feels very unique. It’s hard to put the band in a box with other artists. Their sound feels that refreshing. If you’re looking for a new sound to dive into…Low Life Lolas are it.

Low Life Lolas new song is called “Ghost” and comes from their May 2019 EP titled “Wolves.” The song is slowly paced with tender vocals and poetic lyrics. It feels like an anthemic ballad with the way the drums groove and the overall pace of the song. The verses feel a bit more mellow and the chorus develops into a section that feels a little more upbeat, although the vocals feel softly delivered throughout the song. Other songs on the EP are “Darling, I Won’t Ask” which feels slightly like an old school emo song before it explodes into a catchy chorus section. Other songs on the EP are “Under My Skin” and “We Are Wolves.” The guitar is brilliantly played with a remarkable tone on every track on this EP. The riffs float into the soul. The EP is worth listening to from start to finish.

Enjoy the EP on Spotify now:

You can hear the Low Life Lolas and other queer artists on this playlist on Spotify:

Happy Pride! (Remember, you don’t have to be LGBTQ to listen to LGBTQ artists. This music should be celebrated by everyone!)

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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