Desert Weather Release their Debut Single “Still In My Head”

“Sometimes meeting certain people can leave an unexplainable impact on your life and the way you see the world. When this happens, you ignore all logic and live in the hypnotic bliss of the impression they made on you for a little while, which is ultimately what ‘Still In My Head’ is all about.” – Desert Weather


Desert Weather is out with a high energy indie rock song called “Still In My Head.” Sounding a bit like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, the band would mesh perfectly on an alt-rock station with the likes of them and similar groups. The song has a catchy yet simple refrain about reoccurring thoughts and memories of the main character in the song. The song definitely has an attitude of blissfulness, but we do stop to wonder what the long term impact will be. Perhaps, the group will write a more sorrowful song about missing this person next…

Desert Weather is based in Los Angeles. “Still In My Head” is the bands debut release.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud now:

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