James Bay gets honest about breakup in “Oh My Messy Mind” EP

I regularly write things down in a stream of consciousness to empty my head. Oh My Messy Mind is a line I wrote on a particularly dark day a little while ago. It seemed to reflect a weight that I felt I was carrying at the time, and that comes back now and again. The songwriting that followed was me looking for a release. With Bad and the other songs on the EP I wanted to be honest about some of my own stories and other stories I was being pulled into. Bad is a break up song, it’s just not my break up.
– James Bay


James Bay has just released his new EP “Oh My Messy Mind” featuring the slow pop-rock ballad “Bad.” The song features the same iconic vocal tone on his hit song “Let It Go” that had music lovers falling in love with the talented singer-songwriter. The song feels powerful in terms of vocal delivery and lyrical content. James Bay gets very frank about his recent breakup and the pain that it causes. The lyrics of the song speak about how badly he wants to be back with his lover, but the upsetting truth that it would never work out between the two of them. It’s a slow to build song which adds to the emotion. The full drums don’t come in until the minute and a half mark. By then, the listener is already captivated by the sincerity and the heartbreak. The drums lift the power of the song even more. James Bay will be on tour with Ed Sheeran later this year. http://www.jamesbay.com/tour

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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