Remo Drive release 3rd Single from Upcoming Sophomore LP “Natural, Everyday Degradation”


Remo Drive is gearing up to release their sophomore record. They have just released another teaser to follow up “Two Bux” and “The Grind.” Their new single is called “Around The Sun” and feels a bit more relaxed than most of the songs on their “Greatest Hits” album yet still feels similar enough musically to be well received by their original fan base. It almost feels like a combination of punk rock, emo, and dream pop. The song features a strong hook melody that adoring fans will love to sing along to and crowd surf to at their live shows. Remo Drive puts on one hell of a show, so make sure you catch them on their next tour! “Natural, Everyday Degradation” hits stores on May 31st, 2019. Their tour kicks off the night before in Wisconsin.

Listen to the song now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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