Imagine Touring the Country in a Tiny House, Introducing Will Breman


If you are ready to get into a more folky vibe and a more soulful vibe, it’s time to be introduced to Will Breman. His music combines elements of folk, jazz, funk, pop and soul. His song “Annemarie” starts off feeling very rootsy and retro. Quickly, it starts to feel more like a modern song with the catchy vocal melody that carries throughout the song. The track features soulful harmonies and vocal deliveries throughout. It even features a melodic electric guitar solo with a touch of distortion. “Annemarie” is the starting track on his 7 song EP “Santa Barbara Soul Music.” It’s a great first track that makes listeners want to listen to the rest of the record.

Another song this record that we want to introduce listeners to is “Tiny House.” This song is more of a ballad, driven by an acoustic guitar. The first minute of the song feels a little somber in melody and chord choices. It is about the dream of building and traveling in tiny house that the singer-songwriter could tour in. Breman talks about living a simple life, not having much, but being able to experience a lot as he is on the road playing his music. The song picks up around the 1 minute mark, almost feeling like he’s in the tiny house rolling around the country with the person that he loves. It’s about questioning what he loves and desires in this life, want he wants and needs. It’s a very lyrically deep song that asks very important questions and brings up incredible topics that cross the minds of many.

Will Breman is currently based in the Santa Barbara area of California. He has several upcoming shows in the area as well. See them on his website here:

Enjoy the record on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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