Spacey Jane release Single as a Teaser for Upcoming Record


Spacey Jane are a garage rock band from Western Australia. Their new song “Good Grief” contains catchy guitar riffs, and 1990’s sounding vocals. The song generally has a chiller vibe during the verse with a more explosive chorus section. The song feels anthemic in both the vocal delivery and the way the instrumentation builds throughout the track to really burst during the chorus. The song settles back down for the verse, and by the second verse, the song brings a feel-good feeling to the listener. It’s slightly dreamy, feeling quite care-free.

Caleb’s quote about the track:

“Good Grief is a song that was meant to be written a long time ago but never really felt right until now. It feels like it’s about how the further I get away from parts of growing up that I don’t like so much, the more I’m able to see how they shaped me for the better.”

The band is quickly building up a strong following on Spotify, being placed on several different official playlists. They are currently on tour in Australia. More info.

“Good Grief” serves as an excellent teaser for Spacey Jane’s debut LP, that is due out later this year.

Enjoy the song on Spotify as you wait for their LP to drop:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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