Staying Up Too Late Resulted in this Great Song by Burning Pictures

“I think the inspiration for the song comes from those nights when you stay up too late partying too hard because you’re looking to fill some sort of void in your life, that you may not know is even there.. perhaps seeking out connection with others and whatnot, but it turns a bit sour.” – Burning Pictures


Staying up too late and being overtired and loopy is a feeling that almost everyone can relate to at least once in their life. The Santa Cruz-based band, Burning Pictures, has used their late night jam sessions as a base and inspiration for their newest song and music video “5AM.” The song features bluesy guitar riffs and three part harmonies that cradle the soul. It’s a sound that is hard to not appreciate. Their folky sound feels rooted in blues and psychedelic music with a touch of rock n’ roll. The vocals are soothing and beautiful, rolling onto the track smoothly and sweetly in unexpected melodies that feel both familiar and new.

The music video is a simple live performance video taking place at a house in Santa Cruz, California. Watch it on YouTube now:

For Fans Of: The Band, The Grateful Dead, Good Old War

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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