Rose Ann and Her Gang of 3 Can Go for “Miles”


For some, life seems to be a sprint. But, those of us in the know get that it’s much more a marathon. Speed can be great, but sometimes it pays to slow it down. For the born and bred punk rocker inside of me, this can take reminding.

Enter Rose Ann Dimalanta and her supporting cast of jazz stalwarts Raymond McKinley and Massimo Buonanno. As the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio, their smooth jazz is relaxing and powerful – it’s built for the long haul, not for the 40 yard dash. The most recent album, It’s Time, released in November and showcases some upbeat jams and some chill, jazzy numbers.

With their latest single, “Miles”, the listener is carried away on a cloud. Rose’s beautiful and sultry vocals lead the way, with that jazz piano and soft drumbeat providing the perfect backdrop. Rose is no stranger to the more upbeat, funky jam, mind you – I mean, she toured as part of Prince’s band. However, here she is more concerned with giving the listener a trouble-free stroll than with a funky tune.
Check out “Miles” below and then grab the album at your favorite music service.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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