You Must See This Artist Live: Baby FuzZ

Baby FuzZ is probably one of the most unique acts out right now. Combing elements of so many genres such as classic rock, old time blues, rock n’ roll and pop, Baby FuzZ sure catches the crowds attention. The combination of all of these genres feels natural. Baby FuzZ is one of the bands that Rock the Pigeon had the pleasure to catch at SXSW. They give an incredible performance filled with enormous energy. It was basically impossible to take your eyes off the stage. Baby FuzZ plays his guitar while he toys with his guitar. He even took out a Kazoo during his set to spice things up even more. The crowd was wondering what was going to happen next the entire time. The audience was glued. Baby FuzZ demands attention and controls the crowd in the way all great artists do. Stunning. Captivating. The act is breathtaking from start to finish. It is clear that he puts everything into his performance to create an incredibly fun show that will never be forgotten. If you ever get the chance to see Baby FuzZ live, go.

Baby FuzZ has just released a new very professional looking music video for his song “Mr. Blu.” The video feels psychedelic and strangely takes place in a retirement home. The music video tells an epic story. Overall, the song itself is well-written. The vocal delivery is captivating and shows the immense talent of Baby FuzZ. “Mr. Blu” swings from soulful blues to heavier rock n’ roll and back throughout it’s 3 and a half minute run time. The transitions are unexpected yet smooth. Baby FuzZ has this incredible talent of keeping his music captivating every single second making him an act that is surely hard to ignore. Enjoy the music video now on YouTube:

Baby FuzZ describes the theme of the music video as “Bad emo retirement home magician discovers the ability to grant everyone’s wildest wishes.” We think it covered just that.

More info on Baby FuzZ:

Enjoy the record “Plastic Paradise” on Spotify.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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