Long Frequent Goodbyes Inspired Colton Venner’s New Americana Love Ballad


It’s time to change the pace with this Americana love ballad by Colton Venner. “Honey Slow” is an acoustic-guitar driven track with attention demanding vocal tone and sweet lyrics. The romance is felt through the lyrics and the love he is expressing feels very authentic and deep. He sings about having to travel a lot, take to the road, and the parting that he has to do with his girlfriend over and over again. It’s sad each time for the inseparable pair. The goodbyes are drawn out and filled with both sadness and happiness. Departing is hard but the songs expresses that they extend their goodbyes with a slow dance in the driveway as they express their profound love to each other. The dept of their love is what gives them a bit of happiness before the loneliness of traveling and being away sinks in. Colton Venner says that this is the song he asked his now-fiancé to marry him with. Congrats Colton! If you are into country, Americana, and romance, this is the perfect song to add to your playlist:

You can also find him on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/colton-venner

Written by Ryan Cassata

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