Singer-Songwriter Leon Seti Sings of Silver Linings on COBALT

Italian born, London based musician Leon Seti dropped a great electronic pop album in March. With vibes that have earned comparisons to electronica/pop/dance greats like Bjork and diva goddess Madonna, the album shot to number 1on iTunes on it’s first week out in Italy. With a groundswell building in other world markets, Seti’s star is burning bright.
On the album’s first single, a distinct 80s new wave influence is evident. Reminiscent of when The Killers first hit the scene, Seti combines this influence with his own unique voice and other more modern influences, as well. This particular track is akin to the softer ballads of such acts as Berlin, Tears for Fears, or Human League, while the electronic backbeats feel a bit more modern than the standard 80s sound. This allows the track to feel like a throwback, while also feeling very fresh. There’s a modern R&B feel that will appeal to fans of artists like Frank Ocean, while your aunt who still teases her hair and pumps every 80s collection known to mind will really enjoy this one, as well. In other words, it has a pretty wide spread appeal.

Check out his music video below and then make sure to also rock Seti’s full album on Spotify or your favorite music service. You won’t be sorry.

Written by Justin “thepaintedman” Harlan

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