Richy Mitch and the Coalminers take “A moment” to Tease Upcoming Album


Richy Mitch and the Coalminers have released their second single to tease their upcoming LP titled “Subliming.” The band is based in Colorado Springs and loves to jam together to create a truly unique and captivating sound. They are all self-taught musicians and depend on experimenting to perfect their sound. We think they did a fantastic job. Their latest drop is called “A Moment” and features experimental music that sounds like it draws influence from classic rock and shoegaze music. The vocals sound tender and emotionally driven and float beautifully over very dreamy sounding music. Our only wish about the song is that we wish it would carry on a bit longer. It’s definitely the type of song that allows the listener to get lost in the music.

Listen to the song on Spotify now:

More about the song from the artist:

I wrote A Moment as a gentle reminder to embrace every second that I have on this planet and to live my life as consciously and meaningfully as possible. Inspired by many unique experiences I have shared with my loved ones, A moment reflects on the power that a short period of time can have on one’s life. It has been an interesting thing to think about, and writing this song has given me a completely different mindset toward how I would like to go through my life. This song took us over a year to write and record mostly because of its strange timings and difficult composition. It was originally written in my dorm room as a somber, single guitar piece and slowly evolved into this grand, twangy piece of work as my friends and I furthered our skills, influences, and opinions on the subject matter. We are all self-taught musicians, so writing this song and making it work out was purely through a grinding process — but all of our hard work has paid off, since it is something we are proud of!

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Mitch Cutts (guitar/piano/vocals)
Nic Haughn (guitar/harmonica)
Danny Fuhr (mandolin/guitar)
Jakob Ervin (percussion) 
Ray Wells (piano)

Written by Ryan Cassata

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