Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders with Punk Infused Outlaw Rock N’ Roll

Are you ready for some high energy (old school) punk & rock n’ roll fusion music? If so, then Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders are the perfect band to get into right now. Spin their new banger of a song “If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time” and get hooked on the bluesy screaming guitars and the Johnny Thunders-style punky vocals. The energy in the vocal delivery is enough to pull anyone into being a fan. You’ll definitely get hooked on the tight sounding instrumentation and the fun performance of the band.


Patt Todd says: “my general restlessness – regrets you ( might or might not ) have – the title came from something someone I had a failed relationship with said about ‘flying backwards in time’ ( those long distance affairs will get ya every time ) – all this with a sense of humor of course!” 

The band has just put out a 14-song record called “The Past Came Callin'” that features their great song “If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time.” Enjoy the record in its entirety on Spotify now:

“The Past Came Callin'” is Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders 5th record. Play this one loudly!

Written by Ryan Cassata

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