Johnny & the Man Kids are an Indie Act with Truly Unique Vocals


Johnny & the Man Kids have released a new single titled “That’s Different” which they say is about “..fake confidence at the bar.” The song channels the spirit of rock n’ roll and feels slightly retro in instrumentation, chord choices, and vocal delivery. The vocal style is what truly sets this band apart from other indie rock acts. The vocals have a strong sense of urgency and it truly feels like every single lyric matters so deeply to the lead singer. It’s loaded with pure emotion. It makes the listener listen harder. This creates a natural hook in the song that will lead listeners to listen over and over again and become fans. The chorus of the song is catchy in itself, but the style of the vocals makes this song a true stand out hit.

Enjoy “That’s Different” on Spotify now:

This spectacular indie rock band was formed by two brothers John (on Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vox) and Tyler Marciniak (on bass). Andy Pszonak (guitar) and Alex Bogart (drums) later joined the band to take Buffalo by storm.

Find the band on facebook.

Written by Ryan Cassata


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