Thomas Keating Sings Openly About Mental Health Battles in “Toward The Cause”

Thomas Keating is out with a compelling song about mental struggles. His song “Toward The Cause” tackles the issues of mental health, the daily struggle that human existence can often be, and the message to follow his own path. He sings honestly and emotionally about his unique experience. The lyrics are highly relatable and encourage listeners to not give up when they are going through a rough patch in their lives. The song definitely carries an uplifting feeling in both the musical composition and the lyrical content.

The music video follow Thomas Keating with a chalk board that displays the lyrics of the song. Overall the song has a chill vibe to it, calming instrumentation, and very important lyrical content. We highly recommend giving it a watch:



“I wanted to deliver a track that captured the power of fighting back. I am always working on the mix of the right musical balance to emphasize the words in a way I feel best captures the feeling in the lyrics. Toward The Cause is about the mental battles we go through in trying to follow our own path, whatever that might be for me or anyone else. It is possibly the closest I have gotten to realizing my vision creatively, and I am thrilled to be putting this song out.”– Thomas Keating

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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