Vancouver’s Edgy Pop Punk Band, The Fallaways Release Catchy Party Anthem “Dumb”

 “Care about the things that matter, don’t let everything and anything dictate your decisions on how you live life. Have fun While you can.”
– some words of wisdom from The Fallaways

After a long wait, the edgy Vancouver B.C. rock band, The Fallaways are out with new music as a follow up to their 2017 Skiddish EP. Their new skate-punk banger is titled “Dumb” and comes to the world with a very fun music video. “Dumb” celebrates the concept of living in the moment and having fun. “Dumb” was produced by Zac Carper, the rhythm guitar player and vocalist of popular punk band FIDLAR who the band cites as a musical inspiration.


“Dumb” demands the listeners attention from the very beginning. Pop Punk fans are sure to love the lead vocals by Jason Koster who delivers his lyrics directly into the camera in the music video that features The Fallaways playing a high-energy DIY style show at a house party. Both the pre-chorus and the chorus of the song are ear worms and due to the songs lyrical content, we are sure that this song will serve as an anthem to young people who are enjoying their lives of partying and being reckless. It’s a song for party animals, pranksters, and punks. It’s an anthem about having rebellious fun. We are sure that young people are going to love to blast this song from their speakers and throw their fists up in the air in unison. The lyrics of this standout track were written by Jason, and the captivating punk music was a collaborative effort by the entire band.

“We wanted to have a fun vibe for this one, “Dumb” is all about wanting to be carefree. The story line is basically two cops chasing a skid (Kurt) the night after a party where they find Kurt with a bunch of money that he’s not even sure where it came from, they end up chasing him around town and wind up at the house party that we’re playing. instead of arresting him at the party the cops join the fun and party with everyone else.”

The video and the lyrics both send the message to live in the moment. The carefree vibe that The Fallaways were going for translates well in this project. The charismatic performance that The Fallaways give in Dumb makes us very eager to check out their live show!


The song is basically about wanting to be carefree and to have fun without regretting or worrying about the little things. We live in a crazy high stress world these days and sometimes it seems better to just not know everything. “


RTP: What are your biggest achievements as a band since forming?

Our tour across Canada (Vancouver to Toronto and back) was pretty wild. We bought a bus, lost said bus on the way back, sold it for parts.. and somehow still managed to keep our heads up and rock out the last five shows of the stretch. it was a HUGE learning experience and one of those memories that might of stung a bit in the heat of the moment but down the road some of our best stories will still be from that trip.”

What’s coming up?

“We plan to release another song before the end of summer, along with a video. We are playing a few local festivals in July including one that we share the bill with Loverboy (Huge canadian band). Towards fall we are hitting the road with some of canada’s best talent (Cant quite yet reveal who) and we have another full EP ready to be recorded. The cards are in hand, we now just have to play them correctly.”

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The Fallaways are:

Jason Koster – Lead vocals and guitar
Brett Dick – Lead Guitar
Devon Lenchucha – Rhythm guitar
Joshua Ertman – Drums
Justin Skillnik – Bass
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Written by Ryan Cassata

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