PRIDE RADAR: Ryan Cassata Releases 2016 Demo Version of “Gender Binary” after Files Were Stolen

Ryan Cassata’s message on YouTube:

“Hi Everyone! It’s Pride Month so I thought I would finally release this version I have of Gender Binary. I went into the studio in early 2016 to make a record (right after Shine came out). We started working on this song. Unfortunately, my files were stolen, and I never got to finish this song. This is a compressed MP3 version, only a couple days spent, it’s not mixed or mastered, it’s incomplete. It needed a lot more work but after losing both the money I spent and the files to be able to take it to another studio, it was impossible to finish. Anyway, I figured that I should get this into the world even though it’s not finished. I hope you can at least appreciate the meaning of the song. Love you all. love, ROC”

The live acoustic version of this song generated over 2 million views on FaceBook.

Written by Joey Banks

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