The Dandi Shades are Out with Catchy Indie Rock Song “Yeah You’re Young”


The Dandi Shades, from Camden, Australia, are out with a new bop called “Yeah You’re Young.” This serves as an incredible follow up to their 2018 EP “Playing In The Dirt.” It’s clear that the group has matured in terms of songwriting and performance. The indie-rock powerhouse of a song contains catchy vocal hooks and energetic instrumentation. We hear influences from pop radio, as well as from pop-punk music. Lyrically “Yeah You’re Young” dives into the topic of being young and wasting potential. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder to make the most of each day. Rock the Pigeons’ favorite aspects of this song are the hooky chorus melody, and the electric guitar riffs that are really ear worms themselves.

Listen to this great song on Spotify now:

“YEAH YOU’RE YOUNG is a high-energy, chorus-heavy indie rock statement that explores a self-reflective thirst for life’s offerings amidst a dwindling social landscape of wasted youth; and most importantly, a huge step-up for the band musically.” – The Dandi Shades

Find The Dandi Shades on Social Media: 

Written by Ryan Cassata


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