PRIDE RADAR: Hip Hop Artist Wit Rukus Closes Out Pride Month With Salute to Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera

Chicago content creator and hip hop artist, Wit Rukus, releases his latest track Proud. Proud is a nod to Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and the countless other LGBTQ individuals across the world, and it encourages us all to “be yourself” through everything.  Rukus enlisted friend, Niki Snyder (@nikisynder), to sit down and talk with him on Proud, being trans, hip hop, and Pride.

NS: Can you tell me about the origin of the track?

WR: This song was originally supposed to be a collaboration with another LGBTQ artist for Pride, but once I started writing I couldn’t stop. I just knew I wanted to make a song for Pride and I knew that I needed to touch on a few key things. I don’t think I could ever do this movement justice in one song, but the process was special for me. It’s been a full 50 years since society really took to this movement. 50 years ago is the reason I can even rap about this or be open. 

NS: Have you written about LGBTQ topics before in your music?

WR: No, not really. Nothing like this. My music is typically about regular stuff in life – love, my mom’s death, addiction, and my relationship with my father.

NS: Do you feel like being trans and making hip hop blend well?

WR: It didn’t. I was stealth in my scene for a long time, because I never wanted this to define me and the adversities seemed endless, but it does now because I make it work. Along with many other trans or queer artists; we make it work. Like the rest of the world, it will never have 100% approval, but it’s changing. 

NS: What’s next for you and hip hop?

WR: Writing. I have a handful of songs that might work for a project, but I’m just creating right now.

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Interview conducted by @nikisynder

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