T.S.O.L. drop political parody of Louis Armstrong hit


(Photo Credit: John Gilhooley )

True Sounds of Liberty, better know as T.S.O.L., have been active in the punk scene since 1978 and have never shied away from being political. They have now taken Louis Armstrong’s classic song “What A Wonderful World” and covered it, with a spin. It’s a parody version, that showcases some of the political horrors that are happening in the world right now. It’s an important video as we are coming up on a very important election in 2020.

Jack Grisham rewrote the lyrics and performs them with a very solemn tone in “Is This A Wonderful World?” Both the performance and the lyrics make the listener really stop to think for a minute. You may find yourself asking the same question that Jack is asking.  If you are empathetic, the content may even make you depressed. Now, what will you do about this dark political climate?

“I see seas once green, and soldiers too
I’ve seen them die both serving you
and I say to myself…is this a wonderful world?”

Watch the video on YouTube now:

T.S.O.L. is still based in Los Angeles and the current line up of the band features 4 original members.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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