Gabe Greenland Delivers Emo Ballad from Brooklyn

Gabe Greenland’s song “Stories We Tell Ourselves” feels like an intimate lo-fi rock ballad. Vocally the song seems to fit into the emo genre. It starts out feeling more stripped down, and eventually builds with electric guitars and drum crashes into something much bigger sounding. The lyrics in the song urge to be listened to as the rhymes are genius and unexpected. If you love the sound of early emo, you will love Gabe Greenland’s sound.


Gabe Greenland grew up in Los Angeles and is now based in Brooklyn. He mentions nearby places in the lyrics of “Stories We Tell Ourselves” such as Long Island City and Manhasset.

Listen to the emo masterpiece on Spotify now:

“We have these constant narratives running in our heads. Beneath the surface of every interaction, there are always two separate broadcast teams providing internal color commentary. Catching the eyes of the person standing opposite you; their bashful glance back; the subtext of body language, shared memories, nights you spend shoulder to shoulder on a dingy couch til 4:40am only to realize it’s wise to leave before sunrise; maybe these moments carry some greater significance. More likely, they don’t. Every experience disappears instantaneously and I find myself left clinging to the story. It’s the only thing that remains.” – Gabe Greenland

Written by Ryan Cassata

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