Rees Finley Talks Relationships & Fate in “I Belong Beside You”


Rees Finley is out with a high-energy pop song called “I Belong Beside You.” The song comes from the singer-songwriters debut album called “A Tale Told by an Idiot” which was released at the end of June. “I Belong Beside You” features excellent instrumentation and smooth vocals. The lyrics tackle the topics of finding meaning in relationships, existentialism, and fate. Although the topics are quite heavy, the spirit of the song is fun and serves up a catchy vocal melody. Rees Finley is based in Columbus, Ohio. Here’s a quote from this talented young artist:

“I was hoping to dismantle the idea of soul-mates and the overall focus on fate as a concept in relationships. I think it’s easy to say that things happen for a reason and I think it’s probably good to live your life as if they do. But, if things don’t happen for any reason, which seems likely, then we have to take accountability for whether or not we’re able to be with someone. This is a song about trying to have a meaningful relationship in spite of that existential dilemma which is kind of what my whole album is about. How do we live meaningful lives in a meaningless world? How do we seek a love that is based in truth when we no longer believe in “true love.” – Rees Finley

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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