PRIDE RADAR: Danish Queer Trio, Girlcrush


The Danish pop-punk queer trio Girlcrush is out with their sophomore single, which is self titled. It is a follow up to their track “Take My Clothes Off” which has been streamed over 22,000 times on Spotify. Their self-titled song “Girlcrush” is a poppy song with rhythmic vocals. The lyrics focus on what the singer finds appealing about their crush but also dives into some heavy emotional and political topics. The song is happy in vibe. The vocal hook of the song is catchy and feels musically like a punk song with the distorted electric guitars. Girlcrush is definitely on to something with this new single and we are very excited to hear what they have next for us!

“We are fighting for all of those who can’t or won’t be subjugated by the cis-heteronormative society. Diversity is beautiful. It’s important to be clear that we can only fight the battles that is reflected in our own bodies and experiences. We support all sorts  of differences, but we only tell the stories from our own lives as queer individuals.” – girlcrush

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Girlcrush is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Written by Ryan Cassata

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