Fuzzcore/Spacebop band, Mount Sharp, releases music video for new single “Apostate”

Mount Sharp is a Brooklyn based indie band with its roots in Portland, Maine. They pride themselves in making “fuzzy songs about space and bad decisions”. Band influences include artists like Fleetwood Mac, Liz Phair, Yo La Tengo, and St. Vincent.  The release of the “Apostate” single and music video ends their nearly 5 year musical hiatus.

The “Apostate” video features simplistic black and white videography featuring clips of lead singer, Swood, breaking the fourth wall with heartfelt honesty. The song itself has a catchy mellow flow and Swood’s voice is perfectly complimented by the fuzzy melodic playfulness of the lead guitar. You’ll definitely want to add this track to your mellow summer playlist.

Mount Sharp is excited to announce that they have been privately developing tracks for the past 2 years which will be released later this year in a new album. In the meantime, they will be gigging around NYC to promote some of their newest work. If you enjoyed this video go check out their previous album “Weird Fears” (2014) and their very well received song “Icarus” streamable on Spotify.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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