Owen-Glass Sings about God & The Devil in “Devil Don’t Mind”

I wrote this song while grappling with the idea of moral relativism. You know, this idea that right and wrong are subjective and depend on a person’s culture, religion, values, etc. So I drilled down to the age-old struggle of good vs. evil—God vs. the Devil—and played around with that. We actually made this live video in an old abandoned church building from the 1800s, next to the graveyard where I have lots of relatives buried. The setting is meant to complement the song—I got my values and understanding of right and wrong primarily from my family and religious upbringing. On the album version of the track, the backing vocals are actually being sung by my mother and my aunt, so this song is really close to home.
– Owen-Glass

Gorgeous vocal harmonies, violin, acoustic guitar, and harmonica make up the instrumentation of Owen-Glass’s latest song “Devil Don’t Mind.” This acoustic driven song feels folky while tackling the topic of God vs. The Devil. The lyrics dive into some deep topics of human existence like using drugs and having faith in God. The song sounds sorrowful but the lyrics have a sense of fun and freedom in them. The song leads the listener on a journey of realizing that “the devil” accepts people for who they are. The vocal delivery stands out as being authentic and raw sounding. Emotion is basically oozing out of it. Intention is delivered into each note and every lyric in a way that makes the song beg to be heard again and again.

The album version of the song features vocals from some of Owen-Glass’s family members. “Devil Don’t Mind” comes off of Owen-Glass’s record “The Rope & The Rabbit” which can be streamed on Spotify now.

More ways to find Owen-Glass: facebook.com/owenglassmusic 

For Fans Of: Bright Eyes, Benjamin Tod, The White Buffalo

Written by Ryan Cassata

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