Steven Bowers Releases Poetically Brilliant New Single “Future Ghosts”

“Apologies if I don’t show up for the eulogy
Even when you’re standing next to me
I can’t help but think how it ends
I love you more than anyone should love anything”
(lyrics from Future Ghosts)

Steven Bowers is out with a folky new song “Future Ghosts” featuring Canadian artist JAYA. The song starts off with an acoustic guitar and a tender lead vocal that sings honestly about the fear of losing someone that you love dearly. The lyrical content is enough to stop the listener in their tracks. Steven Bowers voice demands to be heard because it’s sincerity and deeply honest and raw lyrics. The instrumentation picks up, the song builds after the first chorus, but the vocal remains the center of attention. “Future Ghosts” starts off feeling folky but ends up feeling more like an indie rock anthem by the songs end. The transition happens smoothly and does not distract from the incredibly poetic lyrics. This is probably one of the best songs we’ve heard all year!

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“Future Ghosts came from the idea that there are versions of yourself from different points in the future, walking the same city streets or standing in the same room as you are now, but you can’t see them. Maybe there’s a ghost of a kid or a new partner, or maybe one is missing. It’s about finding happiness in the here and now, and making peace with the unknowns.” – Steven Bowers


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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