Max Reichert Releases Chilling New Single, “Shaking”, After Winning His Battle With Bone Cancer

Max Reichert is a soon to be LA based singer-songwriter from Columbus, OH. His powerful music and meaningful lyrics cannot easily be summarized into one genre and are best described through his writing style. Max prefers to draw creative influence from whatever music he is vibing with in the moment. This gives his music a unique spontaneity that many artists strive for and struggle to achieve. His emotionally moving new single, “Shaking”, is out now.

Max wrote “Shaking” during a time when he was undergoing intense chemotherapy for osteosarcoma. The lyrics in this song are an honest expression of some of his deepest thoughts and fears.

Hang on to the words that we don’t wanna say. Feel my body aching changing all my tastes. No, I don’t wanna go, so hold me baby til my hands stop shaking.

– Max Reichert, “Shaking”

The song channels Max’s raw emotion as he is faced with the possibility of dying young. Even the most positive person would have a hard time remaining completely happy through this difficult time. The song perfectly showcases this struggle with a chill pop feel and upbeat vibe that give the song a hopeful emotional soundscape despite the darker reality of some of the lyrics. This story does have a happy ending. Max is currently in remission and is happy to be back making the music that he loves. He exemplifies how having a positive attitude and love and support from friends and family can help us through some of our darkest times. Max has more big things on the way and nothing will stop him from inspiring people and creating music.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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