Bringing back skiffle, Listening Club releases a great new single “Skiffle Scuffle”

“Skiffle Scuffle” is a new upbeat, fast paced, 80’s inspired song by Listening Club. Unbeknownst to many, skiffle is a unique genre of music, popular over half a century ago, that unfortunately we don’t hear a lot of these days. 

Rich Stephenson, the frontman and lead vocalist of Listening Club explains, “The song is inspired by skiffle, the original rock n roll – and style of music that inspired the Beatles. We’ve given it a modern edge, doo-wop harmonies – and a driving drum beat. Lyrically it’s about being down and out… but still having the time of your life.”


Produced by Neil Scott and engineered by Jon Spence, this song “Skiffle Scuffle” will have you up and ready to throw on some dancing shoes within the first few seconds! The melody of the guitar complimented by the harmonies of the vocals and backing vocals will be sure to make you tap your feet! 

Listen now:

Listening Club is currently on tour promoting their new music! Make sure to check them out! 



Written by Hunter T.

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