Les Stroud & Slash Team Up for Important Song about Saving the Planet


Upon our first listen, it was very clear that we recognized the lead guitar player. The bluesy guitar licks that seem to melt into one another are performed by the one and only Slash. Les Stroud’s latest song “One Giant Farm” is a protest song that features Slash. It’s a rock n’ roll sounding call for action. The lyrics speak openly about the environmental justice issues and really problems that we all should be currently worried about. Les Stroud uses his voice for good in this song and hopefully people will listen to the message because it is definitely loud and clear. It’s also a message that is so needed right now…especially as the Amazon Rain Forest is burning.

Listen to the song now:

It’s not often that protest songs come out in the modern era.

“One Giant Farm was difficult to write, as it in particular, represented the first time I purposefully wrote lyrics meant to be a message and a warning about the environment,” said Les. “That made it emotionally hard to write.”  – Les Stroud

A portion of proceeds from this track will benefit world renowned environmental organizations such as Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, The Sharkwater Foundation and Sea Shepherd.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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