Gavin Haley Releases Heartfelt New Pop Song “The Way I Am”

Gavin Haley is an LA based pop artist from Detroit, MI who moved to the West Coast to start sharing his music with the world. His soulful voice and deep, personal lyrics have attracted quite a large following of people that he continues to amaze and inspire. His new song “The Way I Am” ft. Ella Vos is no exception.

“The Way I Am” is a beautiful ballad addressing the toxic masculinity that is often taught to boys in our society. This leads to generations of men who associate emotions with weakness and ultimately come to express their pain and sadness in unhealthy ways.

Growing up my father told me, ‘Son you know that boys don’t cry.’ Bottled up emotions always tried to keep that shit inside, now I don’t know how to feel them.

-Gavin Haley

Gavin laments about how this type of hyper-masculine upbringing has effected his ability to be vulnerable in relationships. The lyrics entirely relatable and are perfectly complemented by the slow pop/dance feel of the track. It has an Ed Sheeran vibe with a melancholic pop/electronic twist. You will definitely want to add “The Way I Am” to all of your chill summer playlists.

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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