Long Island Band, The Influencers, Spiral Deep with 4th Single of the Year “Lightning”

The Influencers are a new band from Long Island, NY. The sound of their music definitely fits into the Long Island music scene, sometimes referred to as Strong Island, which we believe to be one of the strongest music scenes in Northern America. Their latest song “Lightning” is acoustic driven with an underlying feel of pop punk inspiration. Musically is is brilliant, traveling to unique places that only a truly gifted songwriter could think of. The melodic lead vocal takes turns that are unexpected but very pleasing to the ear. The Influencers explain the meaning of their lyrics as “…the song was inspired by suddenly losing someone and spiraling into such a dark place where the loss starts enveloping all parts of your life to point where you can’t tell reality from a dream. Waking up in a lucid nightmare or semi-conscious reality.We’ve all been there right? Enjoy the music video on YouTube:

Find out more: https://www.theinfluencersband.com/

Written by Ryan Cassata

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