Take A Trip To “Acid Island” With GØRL On Her Newest Psychedelic Trip-Pop Single

GORL is a Vienna/Copenhagen based psychedelic glam rock group formed by Danish singer-songwriter, Mikala Nørgaard. Her trippy new song “Acid Island” is now available for streaming on multiple platforms.

This catchy track is reminiscent of the style of B-52’s surf-rock. The dark vocals and deep, dirty bass-line contrast perfectly with the high-pitch synth and bright guitar riffs that are prevalent throughout the song. The tongue in cheek lyrics perfectly depict the ups and downs associated with taking any psychedelic which are immediately relatable to anyone who has any experience with those kinds of mind altering substances.

Acid Island is a kind of territory in your mind; a place where you can hide from the actual world. I guess we all wish to escape the madness once in a while. And to be honest: I always wanted to play a flight attendant gone bad …

GØRL/Mikala Nørgaard

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Written by Wes Spaulding

Author: wes_spaulding

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