The Dirty Nil releases “Idiot Victory” & announces Headlining Tour


To be honest, the song is about smashing your partner’s cell phone in a desperate bid for attention. – Luke Bentham (guitar, vocals)

The Dirty Nil is a loud punk band that has a very distinct style. Their songs often involve pounding drums, distorted electric guitars, and dramatic vocals that are frequently melodic and sometimes over-the-top in terms of energy. This is what makes The Dirty Nil so fascinating. The style changes are pulled off so well, keeping the songs interesting and catchy. The lead singer has a way of singing, and sometimes shouting, that demands the listeners ear. “Idiot Victory” is the latest single to drop from The Dirty Nil and it definitely fits in with the style of the rest of their music. It sounds like The Dirty Nil while still providing fans with a fresh new song to sing along to.

“I certainly participate in the modern landscape of social media but like many, I’m concerned about its obstruction of true, real-life connection. The title, to me is something separate. I like the ambiguity of it. It can be contextualized depending on its association.” – – Luke Bentham (guitar, vocals)

This great song can be heard on Spotify:


“When we were thinking of ideas for a video, it conjured for me a sense of jubilation. We wanted to incorporate some of the people who have connected significantly with our band and showcase some alternative talents they possess. To me, “Idiot Victory” is the triumph of the underdog and a celebration of all things strange. Please play loud. Let your freak flag fly brothers and sisters.” Luke Bentham (guitar, vocals)


With the release of “Idiot Victory”, The Dirty Nil have announced a headlining Tour this fall.  Tickets are available here. Rock the Pigeon highly recommends catching this great act in person!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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