Kingsborough Drops Bluesy Rock Song “Only Light”

Fuzzy guitars and a bluesy vocal are some of the elements that set Kingsborough apart from the rest of indie artists in their local music scene. Hailing from San Francisco, Kingsborough have been committed to their bluesy rock sound since forming in 2010. Their live concert experience is memorable leading them to play big stages and festivals such as BottleRock, Sausalito Art Festival, and even at the San Francisco Giants Stadium. They have even opened for ZZ Top! Kingsborough is currently featured on an official Spotify playlist titled “Blues & Roots Rock.”

Their latest release is “Only Light.” Released on October 25th of this year, “Only Light” features a powerful lead vocal that demands attention. The most thrilling element of this song is the guitar performance. The distorted and fuzzy tone is perfect and begs to be heard. “Only Light” is an incredible rock song with a good hook that fans can sing along to at live shows. Be sure to keep listening so you can hear the epic guitar solo and additional riffs.

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

Check out a glimpse of Kingsborough’s live show as well:

Kingsborough is set to record another LP at the end of this year.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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