U.K.-based Band Fever Days Releases Anti-Drug Anthem


Fever Days is ending 2019 with a bang with their last release of the year “Drugs.” Distorted guitars, quick paced drums, and a heavy bass are some of the main musical elements on this track. Combining inspirational parts of musical genres such as New Wave, Lo-fi Bedroom Pop, and Alt-Pop, Fever Days has a unique sound that becomes quite contagious to the listeners ear. Their melodies will definitely get stuck in your head! Their song “Drugs” starts very upbeat and goes to an even more anthemic and dance-ready part. The lyrics are about someone that is probably addiction to drugs and won’t stop talking about using them. It’s song that sounds much like a party anthem but is actually an anti-drug anthem that will get stuck in your head. It sounds like Fever Days would really like everyone to stop bragging about drug use and abuse.

Fever Days is based in the U.K.

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

Find out more about Fever Days on Twitter: https://twitter.com/feverdaysgb

Written by Ryan Cassata

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